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Lab Collab

Lab School #60 Parent Teacher Collaborative, called “The Lab Collab” for short, is our parent-teacher organization that works to support our students and school. Meetings are 8/8, 11/14, 2/13, and 6/14. Join us in person or virtually! The Lab Collab is led by an executive board that is comprised of elected parents and a teacher liaison. The board members for School Year 2023 – 2024 are:

  • Katie Swaney, President
  • Julia Stevens, Vice-President
  • Heather Hefley, Secretary
  • OPEN, Secretary
  • Jack McAardle, Bookkeeping Treasurer
  • Brianna Earles, Check Signing Treasurer
  • Ms. Hoskins + Ms. Pius, Teacher Liaisons

Additionally, The Lab Collab aims to: 

  • Keep parents up-to-date
  • Identify where parent support, energy and work can be directed
  • Allow parents to collaborate with other parents
  • Provide a forum for parents to give input
  • Build camaraderie, friendship, and support among our parents, teachers and staff 

We send an update out monthly to those who have signed up for the directory. You can add or change your contact information HERE. You can also find the most up to date information on our Lab Collab Facebook page-

Find our school swag here-

To contact us, please email 

Donate to Lab Collab or pay for items via PayPal here-

Our bylaws can be found here: