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Our school participates in a citywide, unified enrollment system known as OneMatch. This system is administered by Enroll Indy. Families will complete one application to apply to all IPS Choice and Innovation schools. This will ensure families experience a simple, equitable and transparent process that will help them navigate the variety of school options.

Placement at this school is not guaranteed and is based on current demand of applicants. Please contact Enroll Indy directly at 1.317.426.3234 for questions about available spots at this school.

The IPS/Butler Lab School has two sites, the IPS/Butler Lab School #60 and the IPS/Butler Lab School #55. Students who live in specific zones within the IPS boundary will receive transportation and priority admission to their zoned Butler Lab School (either #60 or #55). Students can apply to either program, but will only get transportation to the school in the zone in which they live. Please check the map to further understand the IPS/Butler Lab School zones.