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Understanding the Panorama Student Survey

The Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Competencies and Supports + Environment surveys are administered biannually to IPS students in grades 3-12. These surveys ask students to self-reflect on things like their ability to keep working toward a goal, how much they are able to change their own skills, and the social and learning climate of their school. The surveys contain questions on the topics of emotion regulation, social awareness, self-efficacy, school belonging, school engagement, school climate, teacher-student relationships, school rigorous expectations, cultural awareness & action, and diversity & inclusion. The purpose of these surveys is to support schools in the processes of informing the socio-emotional education of students and creating the best learning environments for students.

Survey Content:

You have the right to review and inspect all materials related to this survey. Here you’ll find the questions that students will be asked in the Panorama Student Survey. This survey is available in a variety of languages to better serve our diverse community.