All IPS students must pay curricular material (textbook) rental fees unless you have been notified in writing that your child has been approved for free curricular material (textbook rental) assistance for the current school year. Some examples of other educational benefits may include: test/exam fee reduction or waiver; tutoring; the After School Snack Program; and curricular material (textbook) assistance.

Application for Educational Benefits (Textbook Assistance)

Parents who wish to apply for textbook assistance and other educational benefits must submit an Application for Educational Benefits each school year. One application per household is required.  See the Application and Parent/Instruction letter for information on how to apply. You will be notified IN WRITING when your application is approved or denied.  If you do not receive notification within ten days, call 317.226.4951.  Applications are confidential, and  information provided will not be shared with others.

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