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Student Technology

Girl working with robot arm

IPS Digital Strategy Department enables transformational teaching, learning and business for a diverse community and builds high-quality learning and business environments that are safe, secure and accessible at any time and in any place. 

We provide students with the latest 21st century, cutting edge technology tools for academic excellence. Students have access to 1:1 technology, computer labs and digital resources for learning. Technology in education enhances the learning experience, allowing students to be self-directed and teachers to personalize lessons to the needs of each unique child. Whether used individually or in small group learning, our students have access to valuable tools and information that makes learning more engaging and effective.

All adults and students in IPS are continuing to grow understanding of digital citizenship and skill around effective use of technology as IPS maintains our transformation to a 1:1 digital learning environment across all IPS schools. There are high-quality, vetted, digital citizenship resources for families to help families navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age located here on Common Sense Education’s Family Engagement Resources.  

Key web-based IPS resources for students and families: