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Health Services

Indianapolis Public Schools values the health and safety of all of our staff and students. The role of the school nurse is to care for students who have been injured or become ill during the school day as well as to facilitate care of students with acute or chronic health conditions. If you have specific questions about your child or his/her health concerns, please feel free to contact your building nurse.

Immunizations, Health Forms & Waivers

COVID Resources

The Indiana Department of Health advises that we assume anyone with COVID symptoms has COVID-19 until proven otherwise.

Students and staff with symptoms should follow one of the following:

Take a test and if positive, follow the 5-day isolation protocols.

If the test is negative return only when symptoms have significantly improved.

If not testing, encouraged to wait out the five days of isolation and/or return when symptoms significantly improve and be fever free for 24 hours.
Testing when showing any symptoms is strongly recommended to ensure we are not spreading COVID-19 within our schools. If you need help accessing testing, contact your school clinic for additional information.