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Strategic Plan 2025

At IPS, we believe all students can achieve their full potential, learn at high levels and graduate prepared to succeed in schools, career and life. We are committed to ensuring that every student in every neighborhood receives the education and opportunities they deserve. Much work still needs to be done. 

It is more evident than ever– in the midst of a global pandemic and the largest civil rights movement of a generation– what is at stake and the important new role we play. Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson, we will continue to make racial equity a top priority. And our actions will support our convictions. Strategic Plan 2025, outlined here, is based on our core values and was developed with feedback from thousands of students, educators, families and community members.

Strategic Priorities at a Glance

  1. Increase access to rigorous curriculum and instruction.
  2. Promote racial equity.
  3. Foster authentic engagement.
  4. Operate and fund strategically.

A Deeper Look at Our Strategic Priorities

Increase Access to Rigorous Curriculum and Instruction

What it meansWhy it matters
We build safe, engaging and socially-emotionally supportive learning environments that ensure access to high quality instruction. Every child deserves access to grade-appropriate assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement and teachers who hold high expectations.


  • 1.1: Implement IPS’ new literacy framework and curriculum to ensure all students have access to rigorous, standards-aligned reading and language arts instruction.
  • 1:2: Strengthen teacher professional development, especially for new and early career teachers.
  • 1:3: Support all classrooms to be highly engaging, safe, and socially-emotionally supportive.
  • 1:4: Support high school programming to ensure all IPS students are ready for one of the 3 E’s following graduation: continued education, employment, or enlistment. 
  • 1:5: Successfully implement 1:1 technology-based learning and support teachers to teach in both remote and in-person environments. 

Where do we want to be by 2025?

  • IPS will be at the Indiana state average for ILEARN, ISTEP, and NWEA performance.
  • IPS’ median growth percentile will accelerate at a pace necessary to be at the State average for ILEARN and ISTEP.
  • IPS’ graduation rate will be at the state average.
  • We will have reduced our out-of-school suspension rate by 10%.

Promote Racial Equity

What it meansWhy it matters
Strengthen and expand racial equity work to eliminate opportunity gaps, align policies and talent decisions, and interrupt and address institutional bias. We are committed to creating an IPS where student outcomes cannot be predicted by race and ethnicity by correcting practices that perpetuate the opportunity gap and institutional racism. 


  • 2.1: Create and implement the IPS Racial Equity board policy in order to clearly define what racial equity means in IPS and how we achieve it. Use this policy and associated frameworks and policies to equip all staff members to be anti-racist advocates for our students.
  • 2.2: Rapidly design and implement school improvement supports to ensure all students, especially low income students of color, have access to an outstanding education. Ensure schools serving populations of low income students of color are academically and culturally excellent.

Where do we want to be by 2025?

  • Annual staff surveys should show that all teachers and staff feel well equipped to be advocates for racial justice in IPS.
  • Black special education students will not be suspended or expelled at a higher rate than their peers.
  • There will be no achievement gap between our Black and Hispanic students and Black and Hispanic students across the state.

Foster Authentic Engagement

What it meansWhy it matters
Equip and engage families, team members and the community in authentic and inclusive partnerships.Supporting students to lead lives of purpose and choice is a community responsibility. When schools, families and community members are engaged and work together, students are more successful. 


  • 3.1: Improve and expand district systems to ensure clear, consistent, and transparent two-way engagement and to elevate family, community and alumni voice.
  • 3.2: Strengthen family, community, staff and partner engagement in every neighborhood to support our mission and vision.

Where do we want to be by 2025?

  • Fewer than 15% of IPS students will be at risk for chronic absenteeism.
  • IPS will see improved family responses on community surveys, including Possip and Panorama surveys.
  • IPS will improve its rate of parent participation in the Panorama community survey. 

Operate and Fund Strategically

What it meansWhy it matters
Strengthen the efficacy and equity of central office supports, services and resource allocations.We have a moral imperative to ensure that we spend every dollar — no matter how limited the resources — to maximize student achievement. To do this, we invest our resources in a way that is transparent, equitable and efficient. 


  • 4.1: Build and run a portfolio planning process that enhances the district’s mission and vision. 
  • 4.2: Redesign the central office budgeting process to promote transparency and equity in all district investments.
  • 4:3: Support the district to transition efficiently and safely between in-person and remote learning in response to COVID-19. 

Where do we want to be by 2025?

  • No IPS schools will be funded at the baseline for student-based allocation.
  • 25% of student-based budgeting dollars will be allocated to schools on the basis of student need.
  • Enrollment at schools will be stabilized. 90% of students who enroll in a school at the beginning of the year will complete the year at the same school.

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