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Student Safety

We take student safety seriously – it’s our number one priority. It’s one reason why we conduct our required safety drills at different times and under different conditions. However, federal regulations governing student privacy at every school make it difficult to answer specific questions with the level of detail that is sometimes requested by families.

When a concern is raised about student safety, we follow the appropriate situational protocol that includes the following options:

  • Contact all appropriate law enforcement agencies
  • File all appropriate reports (CPS, Title IX, APS)
  • Conduct interviews
  • Communicate to teachers and other appropriate school personnel
  • Contact legal guardians of specific students involved
  • Conduct locker or personal possession searches
  • Notify all appropriate IPS entities
  • Engage mental health professionals
  • Review safety plan with staff
  • Communicate with school community

We also understand that students share information with their families.Sometimes that information is accurate, and sometimes it isn’t. But in this circumstance, too, there is certain information that FERPA prohibits sharing unless there is “an articulable and significant threat to the health or safety of the student [whose information is shared] or other individuals and that a party needs personally identifiable information from education records to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.” Some of that prohibited information includes, among other things, a student’s name, student’s attendance, and student’s discipline records – information a student may freely share, but a school can neither confirm nor deny.

While we hope this information is helpful in providing a greater context, we understand it might not relieve all concerns. Please direct any questions to the school administrative staff.

Visitors. All visitors are required to enter the building through Door 13 (Meridian St), sign in, and provide official identification. We welcome all parents and guardians to visit their children; however, visitors must be verified as approved contacts in PowerSchool before they enter the building. A visitor’s pass must be worn at all times. Staff are not permitted to allow visitor entrance from any other door than Door 13 (Meridian St.)