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Life Skills

Our life skills program includes 40 students. As full members of the Shortridge community, life skills students participate in all school activities — from lunch to graduation.

In addition to the academics of this curriculum, our program helps students gain comfortability in a number of skills: planning, riding IndyGo, preparing meals, and budgeting. Through a dedicated jobs coach, students also explore job readiness and training through community based employment and opportunities.

The Life Skills program uses an academic curriculum as students pursue a Certificate of Completion and applied units (“credits”). Each student has a personalized approach to her/his education. Some of our students attend high school four (4) years and graduate with their same-aged cohort. Others, through an application process may continue to Project SITE or SEARCH.

All our students achieve a Certificate of Completion upon exiting high school.

To learn more about the program and to hear from a recent Shortridge graduate, this Chalkbeat article highlights our life skills program.

Certificate of Completion

In August 2018, the Certificate of Completion went into effect with the following assumptions: 

  • High Expectations for all students is a shared responsibility.
  • General Education classes are accessed whenever appropriate to fulfill COC Course of Study. 
  • Student’s IEP goals are aligned with grade level content standards that drive the curriculum.
  • Communication skills, reading skills, problem solving skills are woven into all classes.
  • Classes may be repeated with new goals if appropriate; more than four years may be needed for completion.
  • Course selection is driven by the Transition IEP and individual goals of students. A COC may be earned with any combination of applied units and credits. 
  • Mirrors regular diploma in requirements (Minimum 40 applied units or credits with emphasis on academics)
  • Transition Portfolio is a requirement beginning with Cohort 2023. 
    • Transition Portfolio are to be completed for all students who receive special education services. The Certificate of Completion course of study includes a portfolio component designed to demonstrate a student’s academic skills and employability.