I am very delighted to join the Science Team at Shortridge High School. I earned my Bachelor and Master of Science in Geology, from the University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.

Though I taught for 11 years in Nigeria, my teaching career in the United States started as a substitute teacher; while studying for my Master’s in Management at the Indiana Wesleyan University.  This provided me an opportunity to experience and embrace the cultural differences in educational system. I obtained my Master’s in Management in 2011 with emphasis on Structural Management of Cultural Diversity in Public Schools.

I was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship at the University of Indianapolis in 2014 and graduated with a Master of Art in Teaching and a certification in Chemistry in 2015.

I became certified as an Instructional Coach through the same fellowship in November 2017.

I married my amazing husband, Solomon, in 1998. He is a Food and Industrial microbiologist, currently working in one of the pharmaceutical companies in Indianapolis. Our union is blessed with three lovely children, two girls and a boy.

I have about 21 years of experience both in Nigeria and the United States, working with children. My experience within these years has adequately prepared me to teach and support my students professionally. I am aware of the impact I can make in the lives of the students as a teacher, and my goal is to make sure that every student has an interesting learning experience in my classroom.

Email: laleyem@myips.org

Degrees and Certifications

Instructional Coach Certification: Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellow 2017

Master of Arts in Teaching: University of Indianapolis, 2015

2014 Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellow

Master’s in Strategic Management: Indiana Wesleyan University, 2011

Master of Science: University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, 2008

Bachelor of Science Geology, University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, 1996