Ms. Kristi Sebastian
I was born with teaching in my blood. My grandfather was a principal in southern Indiana during the Great Depression. My mother was a home economics and art teacher before having children in the early 70s. And, my father taught math, science, and photography for over 30 years at the North High School from which I graduated 7th in my class in 1990. So, it isn’t unusual that loving to learn and teach was ingrained in me from an early age. I am very grateful for these strong intelligent role models guiding my life. I know not everyone is so lucky.

My educational journey eventually carried me away from southern Indiana northward to Ball State University where I graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in art and creative writing. I then worked in the print industry for a couple years where I saw the need to help others become better communicators. This made me return to my educational roots and to do student teaching at Arsenal Technical High School in 1998. I remained at ATHS until this year when I decided it was time to uproot and join the SHS community. While teaching at Tech, I also earned my master’s degree from IUPUI in secondary education and computers.

Besides being a teacher, I believe in being a well-rounded person and enjoying other activities. I attend Gen Con every year to play board games with friends and to show off costumes I have created. I write short stories, poetry, and novels that I hope to eventually publish. I garden to keep connected to nature. I play video games and debate science with my husband (even though he is better at both than I am). I sing musicals around my house with only my cats as an audience. Overall, I am a bit of a geek and proud of it.

The principles that hold me together and guide my life are respect, responsibility, moderation, honest, and kindness. I feel as long as I follow those ideals, I will do right by my students, my community members, and myself. I also see learning and teaching as a symbiotic process where both the students and I learn from each other. I fully admit I can make mistakes and that I don’t know everything, but I turn my faults into learning opportunities. It isn’t the end that matters, but the journey along the way. That being said, I am excited to join the Shortridge High School Community and to travel this next section of this great journey together.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” ― Albert Einstein



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Secondary Education: English (major), Creative Writing (minor), Art (departmental minor), Ball State University (BSU) Honors College with Honors, 1995

Master of Secondary Education, Computers (endorsement), Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI) with Honors, 2008