Mrs. Dana Hart
Dance was my first language and has always been my favorite. I started dancing at a private studio at the late age of 13 and began serious training after high school at Ball State University and Anderson Young Ballet Theatre. I am forever grateful to one of my mentors, the late Lou Ann Young, who took a chance on me, provided me opportunities, and instilled a desire to guide the next generation of dance students. Dancing with Ms. Lou Ann’s company allowed me to gain experience through Regional Dance America (RDA) and attend RDA Regional and National festivals. In May 1994, I chose to skip my college graduation in order to attend the Mid-States festival where I was awarded Dance Magazine’s “Craft of Choreography” Scholarship.

I have more than 25 years teaching and professional dance experience in both Central Indiana and Chicago. Besides feeling most comfortable and at ease in the dance studio, I thrive on the dance and life learning that takes place in the studio, and attribute my passion to teaching to my own teacher trainer and friend, Therese Chatelaine. I was lucky to be able to teach alongside Therese for 12 years at Broad Ripple High School and Shortridge Middle School. In 2009, I began building my own studio, Dance East Ballet Academy & Company in my hometown of Greenfield.

My husband, Nate, and two teenagers, Mary Jane and Leo, are my best companions and the greatest supporters of my busy work life. Our favorite adventures together include traveling, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, enjoying excellent food, supporting one another’s passions and just hanging out.

Phone: 317-226-2810