Ms. Cory

Since birth I have always had an interest in art. My first memory at two years old was painting with watercolor. I have always been in the field of art. After graduating high school I worked in the beauty industry as a Nail Technician. Later I received a degree in Interior Design and worked as a Design Coordinator and Lead Designer for many years. During the recession I began substitute teaching and fell in love. 

In 2014 I received my Art Education Degree from Herron School of Art and Design. As an Indianapolis native I also enjoy giving back to the community through freelance and commissioned artwork, an aspect that I incorporate into my teaching career. I believe that being a working artist sets the highest example for students.

An avid traveler I enjoy family vacations with my significant other, Dan and daughter Jacqlynn. So far I have had the privilege of traveling to all of the state parks in Indiana, 42 states and 13 countries. Seeing thousands of pieces of art from around the world has had a huge impact on both my personal and processional life. 

My advice to young artists is to be confident, keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to fail because that is the best way to learn, and practice, practice, practice!
The key to making great art is hard work!

Middle Years Program Syllabus | Diploma Program 11 and 12 Syllabus

Phone: 317-226-4108


Degrees and Certifications:

A.S. (2002), IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. (2014), Herron School of Art and Design