I’m excited to be joining the Shortridge community as a math teacher! I have previously taught mathematics and statistics courses at the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College as an Adjunct Instructor. I lived, worked, researched, and studied in Iowa City for over seven years after initially moving there to attend graduate school at the University of Iowa. I grew up in the Bay Area (CA) and attended college at San Francisco State University.

In my time researching, utilizing, and teaching mathematics, I’ve seen that mastery of math provides a toolkit to approach, investigate, and solve valuable real-life questions. Many people learn the tools (formulas, procedures, computation), but not enough people practice utilizing them in authentic contexts. Similarly, they do not know how we learn and improve from our mistakes during discovery. It is why I’m excited to be joining an IB-for-All public high school and contribute to an inquiry-focused learning environment that emphasizes these skills.

At home, I enjoy my time with my wife and our two kids (turning 4 and 2 years old in 2021). We enjoy exploring different parks and playgrounds around the city, tasting new food, and using our memberships to a few museums and the zoo. Currently, we are saving up for a trip to Vietnam to travel and introduce our kids to much of my wife’s family.

M.S. Mathematics, University of Iowa

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, University of Iowa

B.A. Mathematics for Advanced Study, San Francisco State University