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Our Campus

Welcome to the Shortridge High School campus! Located in the heart of Indianapolis on historic Meridian Street, our facility reflects the rich history of a school established in 1864, built on its current site in 1928 and is the home to the prestigious International Baccalaureate program. 

As a purpose built facility, it covers nearly an entire city block with top class athletic facilities including a 3,000 seat gymnasium, a work out facility, the original 1928 gym, and a sports field and track right in the center of town.

The building pays tribute to the arts with 3 dedicated art spaces, 4 kilns, a permanent art gallery, an artist in residence, a dance studio and a 1,400 square foot stage. The 1,100 seat auditorium was the first home to the ISO and we are building on this legacy through our music and performance programs.

Academics are supported with a full scale court room including a judge’s and jury chamber, 5 fully equipped science labs, a green house, local garden and historic library.

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Campus Garden

We are thrilled about the opportunities that come with planting, growing, and harvesting our own food. The dedication and expertise of our school community have been instrumental in the establishment of Shortridge’s edible garden. The garden provides weekly harvests of fresh vegetables.

Our garden is an exploration of nature and a showcase of growth. As you walk through, you’ll notice the sprouting carrots, ripe tomatoes falling off their vines, aromatic spices like basil permeating the air, and eggplants basking in the sunlight. Our community members have invested significant time and effort in nurturing the garden in the interior courtyard. Additionally, the large garden boxes on the south side of the building, off 34th Street, are a testament to our collective effort. These boxes are home to sunflowers, corn, and a variety of other edible foods. Their planting was completed by our Life Skills students, who are actively engaging in and learning from the growing process.

These experiences and educational opportunities are invaluable. They deepen our understanding of how our food choices impact our health, underscoring the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. As a school community, we continue to learn and appreciate the close relationship between the food we eat and our well-being.