Academic Support. We are committed to providing the following academic support services:

  • Teachers available before, during, and after school by appointment
  • Daily advisory period in the middle of the school day
  • Math lab: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 400 pm – 545 pm
  • Media Center: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 900 am – 430 pm and Friday 900 am – 530 pm. Closed after school on Thursdays.
  • Writing center manned by Butler University students, located in the media center
  • Butler Writers | Khan Academy | Graspable Math

Academic and Athletic Probation Policy. Students must meet the following minimum expectations to be a student in good standing for athletics, academics, and to be eligible for a work permit. Eligibility is determined every nine weeks.

  • Each student must conform to the eligibility requirements set forth by the Constitution and By-Laws of the IHSAA (Rule 18-1) and IPS Board Policy 2431.
  • Students must have received passing grades and earned credit at the end of their last grading period in school in at least 70% of the maximum number of full credit subjects that a student can take
  • Students must be currently enrolled in at least 70% of the maximum number of full credit subjects that a student can take.
  • At Shortridge, that is passing either 6 of 8 classes, or 5 of 7 classes.

Assessment. We focus on student growth rather than a singular test or project. Based upon the philosophy of highest sustained growth, students should work hard on every task (including those not receiving any “points”). Each major task comes with a rubric for increase student reflection and growth.

Bells. There is an 858 am warning bell and 905 am late bell. As emerging citizens, students are expected to manage their time throughout the day. There also is a 410 pm supervision or out-of-the-building bell.

Cell Phones. Having a phone at school is a privilege. Phones should not impede or limit a child’s academic success. Teachers develop their own cell phone policy, but the school retains the right to confiscate a personal cell phone or other electronic device. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen or abandoned cell phones.

E-mail. All students receive a Shortridge High Gmail account ( Talking in person is the best way to communicate, but sometimes, e-mail is the easiest. Students are encouraged to meet with and/or email their teachers when they are absent or have questions.

Food. Students are prohibited from ordering outside food and having it delivered to Shortridge during the school day, including during lunch periods. The front office staff and school is not responsible for food that is ordered and not delivered contrary to this policy.

Inclusive Learning Environment. Names/Pronouns Students shall have the right to be addressed by a name and pronoun corresponding to the gender identity consistently asserted at school. Students are not required to obtain a court ordered name and/or gender change or to change their official records as a prerequisite to being addressed by the name and pronoun that corresponds to their gender identity.

In PowerSchool, names will be updated as such: Smith, John (Sarah) with “Sarah” being the preferred name; or as Smith, John (they/them), with John being the preferred name and “they/them” being the preferred pronouns. More information can be found here.

IndyGo. We encourage families to explore IndyGo as a transportation option. More information here. Pilot information and rider guides are here.

IMCPL Resources. A list of IMCPL resources can be found here.

Internet. All IPS computers have a filter that prevents students from accessing inappropriate material. This provides a measure of security; however, we strongly encourage you to speak to your student about appropriate internet usage—this includes what they post and share on social media.

Latin Honors Recognition. Latin Honors awards students with summa cum laude (4.0 GPA or higher), magna cum laude (3.8 – 3.9 GPA), and cum laude (3.5 -3.7 GPA) academic distinction.

Library Access. We are an active branch of the Indiana Marion County Public Library (IMCPL) system. A list of IMCPL Resources can be found here. Students who do not already possess a library card will be able to receive one during the first month of school from our media center. As a member of the IMCPL, students can request books from any site and have them delivered to our media center. The following library branches are less than 10 minutes from campus: Central, College, InfoZone.

All library branches are here:

Lockers. All students are provided with individual lockers. Students should not share lockers or locker numbers, and they should leave all valuable materials at home. Students have no expectation of privacy of their locker or belongings within it.

Lost & Found. All found valuables should be given to a front office staff member. The lost and found is found in the front office. Shortridge High takes no responsibility for lost or unclaimed goods, which includes cell phones left unattended.

On-Time Arrival. In order to minimize disruptions to school-wide learning, students who arrive to school after 920 am without a parent/medical note, will be held in the front office until the end of block 1. Students who miss more than 30 minutes of class and/or who do not return to class after lunch will be marked unexcused. Per district policy, students who arrive to school after 1235 pm without a parent phone call or medical note, are counted as unexcused for the entire day and will not be granted access to the building.

For students who continually demonstrate a willful pattern of being late or unexcused, especially to block 1 classes, those students’ may lose all first period classes — making on-time graduation more difficult. Schedules will be adjusted to remove period 1 classes, and morning bus transportation will be removed. The school district does not have to provide transportation per an Indiana Supreme Court case (here). Students have access to all IndyGo routes with their student ID.

Parking. Student parking is only available at the football lot north of the high school, accessible off of Pennsylvania Street.

Personal Computers. Students are encouraged to bring their own personal learning devices. While laptops and personal learning devices are allowed on campus and can support student learning, these devices are expensive and can become a distraction to academic progress. Staff have the right to ask students to remove and/or confiscate those devices if they become distractions to the overall learning environment.

Shortridge provides IB Diploma Programme (DP) students computers. Those student computers easily are damaged by carelessness and lack of personal responsibility. Students will be assessed a fine based on the severity of the damage, which can include total replacement of the device at the original purchase price amount. Damage Fee information can be found here.

PowerSchool. We utilize PowerSchool for attendance and grades. Teacher contact information is also available. Information can be found here on setting up an account or accessing:

Selling Food. For purposes of this policy “student fund-raising” shall include the solicitation and collection of money by or from students for any purpose and shall include the collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, or any other goods or services for approved student activities. The Board will permit student fund-raising by students in school, on school property, or at any school-sponsored event only when the profit therefrom is to be used for school purposes or for an activity connected with the schools. Fund-raising by approved school organizations, those whose funds are managed by the Corporation, may be permitted in school by the principal. Such fund-raising off school grounds may be permitted by the Superintendent. IPS Policy 6620.

Social Media. Social media is a powerful tool. It can spur government change and connect us with people and places unknown. It also can spur petty arguments between students. Students should control their privacy settings, monitor social media usage, and refrain from posting anything they don’t want shared school-wide.

Spirit Wear. Shortridge Blue Devil gear can be purchased online

Student ID Cards. The replacement cost is $10. That cost is the same for all staff and students. Student ID cards provide full access to all IndyGo routes.

Student Pick-Up. Due to bus parking and student safety, there is no student 400 pm student pick-up between the school and football field. Cars can park at Phillips Temple for 400 pick-up only—cars parked during the day could be towed. Phillips Temple is located at 34th and Pennsylvania St (map here).

Student Sign-Out. Students who are 18-years-old or older only can sign themselves out if a parent has called the school to provide authorization.

Textbooks. Students will have access to most textbooks in both print and online. IPS levies a textbook rental fee; in order to ensure textbook equity, all families are provided with a textbook fee mailed to your home address by IPS. If you have not received an application for educational benefits for this school year, please contact the school at 317.226.2810. A new application must be completed each school year.

Transportation. IPS provides student bus service to and from high schools for any student who resides more than 1.5 miles away and within IPS boundaries. Bus stop information is mailed home to all families by the end of July. Families can access Bus Stop information here. You can track your school bus in real-time through Here Comes the Bus (online or app). The code is 74670.

  • Afternoon buses depart at approximately 4:05 pm.
  • Extracurricular school activity buses (ECA) depart daily at 545 and 700 pm.
  • There are four (4) ECA buses.
  • Depending on the number of students, that route could take more than a hour.
  • Riding IndyGo might be the faster and more efficient option.
  • Plan that trip via Google Maps.

Bus drivers are not authorized to assign or change bus stops. Bus stop change requests should be directed to Transportation at 317.226.4500. More information can be found here.

Wall Postings. Club and school-related materials may be hung on school walls under the following conditions: obtaining a staff sponsor; posting on hallway bulletin boards and designated stairwells; posting with masking or painters’ tape only. Only an administrator can grant approval for postings in any restroom. The preferred paper size is 8.5″ x 11″.

Visitors. All visitors are required to enter the building through Door 13 (Meridian St), sign in, and provide official identification. We welcome all parents and guardians to visit their children; however, visitors must be verified as approved contacts in PowerSchool before they enter the building. A visitor’s pass must be worn at all times. Staff are not permitted to allow visitor entrance from any other door than Door 13 (Meridian St.)