Currently Enrolled Students:

Need an official Transcript for College, Scholarship App, or Program?

Contact the Registrar, Holly Janzen at Include the student name, grade, id #. Indicate the details regarding the name of the organization, address and any names to be included in address. If the organization has a form to be completed, please send that along as well.

Ms. Janzen can be found in the Administration hallway in room 118.

Parents of Currently Enrolled Students:

To access your child’s transcript and attendance information:

Login to PowerSchool:

This is not an official transcript.

Contact the Registrar, Holly Janzen at or 317-226-2810 to request a formal/official copy.

Graduated/Previous students of Shortridge High School:

If you are a previous student of Shortridge High School and would like to request a transcript, click on the “transcript request form” below to submit your request. There is a $5 fee per official copy. If you have additional questions please contact Ms. Holly Janzen, Registrar, at or 317-226-2810.

Note: If you graduated from an IPS school that was not Shortridge, you may obtain copies of you transcript by contacting that school directly, or if your High School has closed, by emailing Be sure to include your name at the time of graduation, the school you attended, the year you graduated or left, and your birth date as well as how many official copies you need.