College Application Process

Listed below are websites that can support students in preparing for the SAT and/or ACT as well as the college application and admission process.

College Entrance Examinations

The SATTest and the ACT Test are standardized tests that most colleges require applicants to submit for admission. A select number of schools also require SAT Subject Tests. The scores from these tests are the only common item shared by all students nationally. Although test scores are not the deciding factor in admissions decisions, they are an aspect used by admission committees to differentiate applicants. More details can be found by accessing the links below.

College Credit

Higher education institutions around the world admit students based on their IB credentials, and many have specific admissions policies and guidelines for IB students. For information on universities that recognize the IB, and details on their recognition policies, please download the following spreadsheet. (The chart has more than 2,000 schools listed across the world; please use the search function to locate a specific school of interest.)