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Butler Partnership

Shortridge High School serves as Butler University College of Education’s Middle Secondary Laboratory School. The partnership is designed to serve as a professional development site for pre-service candidates who are training to become teachers as well as provide a collaborative research facility for both Shortridge and Butler faculty. Learn more here.

 What is the Shortridge/Butler Connection?

  • A laboratory school for collaborative teaching and research between Butler’s and Shortridge faculty
  • A chance for Shortridge students to partner with Butler faculty in a variety of disciplines
  • A teaching site for preservice teachers; which provides extra support to Shortridge students at no cost
  • A high school connected directly to a university’s College of Education and the best practices in teaching, leading and mentoring

 What are the Butler benefits for students while at Shortridge?

  • Access to on campus library resources, lecture series and learning environments
  • Shared experiences with faculty and students from all six of Butler’s colleges
  • Early College opportunities including workshops and seminars along with mentoring

What are the future benefits at Butler for Shortridge students?

  • Special consideration for admission applications submitted by Shortridge graduates
  • Ability to apply for one of the ten “Tuition Guarantees” available to IPS students through Butler. The tuition guarantees provides full tuition coverage when combined with available state/federal financial aid.

What are some examples of the partnership this year?

  • Butler College of Education students provides one-on-one tutoring for students within a variety of academic classes
  • Jordan College of Arts students volunteer time with our musical groups and are partnering on a spring opera production
  • Shortridge students are invited to participate in Butler’s Founders Day Contest via art and poetry submissions
  • Shortridge faculty are collaborating with professors from across the university to share materials and resources with Shortridge students
  • Butler librarians work with our junior class as they research their extended essay for the IB Diploma Program, including trainings at Shortridge and a day at the Irwin Library on Butler’s campus.
  • Butler’s Admissions office is hosting our juniors for one-on-one college counseling
  • Several Butler faculty members are speakers for our Friday Connect series