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Our curriculum allows all students the opportunity for an enriching high school experience that provides a solid foundation for their future success beyond the walls of Shortridge High School.


Curriculum Choices. After talking with their sophomore counselor and teachers, sophomores select either the Career​-Related Programme (CP) or Diploma Programme (DP). Students may change programs up to the first semester of junior year (December). After that, due to the course progression of each programs, programs cannot be switched or changed. As such, it is imperative that students make informed decisions and then work with their teachers for on-track completion. Questions should be directed to IB Coordinators: Ms. Carlson or Ms. Coryell.

Assessment & Feedback

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Special Education

Academies and Pathway Program Tour and Information

Explore… Shortridge! Click on the ‘Explore Schools’ tab, then enter Shortridge High School to find out more about the Academies and Pathways available.