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Community Expectations

Shortridge High School strives to support citizens who think freely, possess intellectual vitality, and address needs and realities greater than themselves.

As members of the Shortridge Community, we strive to demonstrate these IB World Community traits in our daily interactions:

  • arrive to school and class on time

Leaving Campus:

Students who leave campus after arrival without an excused reason verified by a parent or guardian, will not be permitted back into the building due to safety concerns. This includes:

  • Being dropped off by buses at the beginning of the day and walking off campus
  • Being dropped off by a parent/guardian and walking off campus
  • Leaving campus at any point of time during the school day
  • engage in the pursuit of learning independently and collaboratively
  • think thoughtfully about issues and ideas with local and global significance  develop and demonstrate empathy, compassion, and respect
  • express ourselves―in person and online―in ways that advocate  for the common good
  • dress in a professional manner to encourage learning
  • demonstrate citizenship and sportsmanship while participating in and/or attending activities
  • act with integrity and honesty with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere
  • apply critical and creative thinking skills to take responsible action and make reasoned, ethical decisions
  • follow all school and district regulations as outlined in the IPS Code of Conduct and applicable state and federal law

The IB program aims to develop internationally minded people who—recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet—help to create a better and more peaceful world.