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College Preparedness

The college admission process—because it involves planning for your future—is both exciting and daunting. The goal of Shortridge High School is to help students and their parents navigate this process effectively. Students should feel good about the outcome and learn from the process.

Researching options and applying to college requires hard work, reflection, patience and attention to detail. This is a time to think about yourself, who you are and what is important to you. You will likely bring some assumptions and misconceptions to this process but will also make new discoveries about yourself and your college options along the way. Don’t only think about where you want to go to college but also spend time thinking about what you want from college, what you want to experience at college and overall, what you hope to accomplish during your time in college.

Finding your best fit is the ultimate goal. The process of finding this fit unfolds over time. A college where you can feel comfortable, challenged and inspired should be the outcome of your careful research, your instincts and trust in yourself. And remember that more important than where you attend is the openness you bring to college.

Make the most of this experience, take ownership of this process but know that the Shortridge Future Center is here to support and guide you along the way.

Postsecondary Readiness Through Xello

Through the Xello Family Portal, families can easily create an account, enabling them to access a wealth of information and insights into their student’s journey with postsecondary planning, making it a vital resource for families and students involved with Indianapolis Public Schools

College Entrance Tests

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that most colleges require applicants to submit for admission. The scores from these tests are the only common item shared by all students nationally. Although test scores are not the deciding factor in admissions decisions, they are an aspect used by admission committees to differentiate applicants. More details can be found by accessing the links below.

Registration for these tests can be found at the following links

Fee waivers are available to students who qualify. Check with your school counselor or the Future Center to determine eligibility.

Test Optional

There are many institutions who do not require the submission of SAT or ACT scores for admission. However, it is important to know that test scores may be required for scholarship consideration or acceptance into specific programs. Be sure to review the websites of any test optional schools where you plan to apply.

Financial Aid

The FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the most important step in applying to receive financial aid in the form of federal and/or state grants, federal work study and federal loans.

What Do I Need

  • FSA ID – create an FSA ID at
  • Social Security Number for student and parent (if parent does not have SSN use 000-00-000)
  • Permanent Registration number, if not a US Citizen
  • Date of Birth (student and parent)
  • Date parents were married/separated/divorced/widowed
  • Prior-prior year W-2 forms (parent and student if applicable)
  • Prior-prior year Federal Tax Return, form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ (parent and student if applicable)
  • Email (parent and student) Students use a personal email
  • Phone number (parent and student)

Helpful websites