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Visiting Campus

Thank you for your interest in Shortridge High School! We would love to bring you into our space and experience what it means to be a Blue Devil! Read below for more information on participating in a Building Tour or a Shadow Day.

Experience a Shadow Day. Our Shadow Program season runs annually from October through January. Your student can shadow a current SHS student for a school day, walking to classes, going to lunch, and all the other typical events experienced in a school day. Reserve your space using the Shadow Day Experience Form here

Building Tours. We will offer building tours on Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 8, and Jan 20 at 9:30 am. Each tour is capped at 20 individuals. To get on the list, please complete the 22-23 Building Tour Form here

Please reach out to Chloe Richardson at for Shadow or Tour questions.

Campus Visits FAQs 

Q: What is the Shadow Program?

A: The Shadow Program is an opportunity for prospective students to get a hands-on feel for Shortridge High School life. Your student will spend a day with a Shortridge High School student host, attending classes, advisory and lunch.

Q: Who will host the visiting student for the day?

A: Your student will be paired with an 11th grade Shortridge High School scholar based on the interests you provide on the request form (i.e. activities, sports, etc). 

Q: Must students be accepted to Shortridge High School before they participate in this program? 

A: Acceptance is not required, however the program is reserved for prospective 8th grade students or high school students interested in transferring from another school to Shortridge High School.

Q: How long is a typical Shadow Day?

A: Shadow visitors should arrive at Shortridge High School at 8:50 a.m. to the Main Office off of Meridian Street and be picked up at 4:00 p.m. from the Main Office.

Q: Do visiting students need to pack a lunch?

A: If your student is a current IPS student they can eat a SHS lunch at no charge. If your student is currently attending a school outside of IPS they can eat a SHS lunch for a fee of $3.75. Your student is also welcome to pack his or her own lunch.

Q: How do I sign up for a Shadow Day?

A: Please complete the 22-23 SHS Shadow Day Signup form to request a shadow experience. You may contact Mary Garner, with questions or concerns.

Q: What would we see during a Building Tour?

A: We would walk through all the common areas students would utilize during their school days here at Shortridge, where they’ll take classes, the courtyard gardens, the cafeteria, the auditorium, the gym, etc. 

Q: What if I’m really interested in a particular subject or specific part of the building? Can you guarantee I can see that?

A: If you let us know on the Building Tour Form [link located above] what you’d like to see and we will do our best to make it happen! 

Q: What if I can’t take a tour during the dates or times given or my group is very large?A: If you have a group that needs a different time, exceeds the tour cap, or if you have other questions or concerns about touring please email Mary Garner at