PSAT Testing

Grade 9-11 students will take the PSAT on Tuesday, October 26, 2021. This will be a virtual, asynchronous day for grade 12 students. Grade 12 students will take the SAT in the spring. The SAT is the new state accountability test (replacing I-STEP).

Resources and Practice for Grade 9 (Student Guide)

Grade 9 Practice

Resources and Practice for Grades 10-11 (Student Guide)

Time allotted:

60 minutes for reading

35 minutes for Writing and Language

Math: Includes multiple-choice and student-produced response questions (math questions that require the student to arrive at and record an answer rather than select a multiple-choice answer): 1 that permits calculator use and 1 that doesn’t.

25 minutes for the Math Test – No Calculator

45 minutes for the Math Test – Calculator

What to Bring

Grade 9: Charged computer with charger

Grades 10-11: Two No. 2 pencils with soft erasers; no pens or mechanical pencils.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE PROHIBITTED IN THE TESTING ROOM (this means all cell phone, Apple watches, Air Pods, etc.)