Principal Search

It is important to note that IPS believes a job description is the floor in the process and not the ceiling for who will lead Shortridge High School. As the District beings our search again, we want to offer another opportunity to give your thoughts on characteristics, skills and mindset that would make someone a strong candidate for principal at Shortridge High School. If you would like to offer feedback you can complete this survey

What we have learned: 

To be successful in recruiting and selecting a strong principal at Shortridge the following must be true:

  • Increased communication between all stakeholders
  • Clear and predictable schedule for updates
  • An ongoing process for alignment and collaboration between all stakeholders

How we plan to move forward: 

  • The role will be posted Monday, September, 9th
  • We are working to identify a diverse group of school stakeholders to inform and advise our decision making.
  • We will schedule regular meetings with the school stakeholder group.
  • We will provide regular updates on the process to staff on the following schedule:
    • Week of September 23rd
    • Week of October 7th
    • Week of October 28th
    • Week of November 11th
    • Week December 2nd

If you have questions or feedback you would like to offer, please reach out to Alex Moseman, senior coordinator of talent acquisition for IPS.