Raphael Health Center

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your student’s school and Raphael Health Center (located at 401 East 34th Street), have partnered to operate a school-based health clinic, providing access to quality health services for students. It is our goal to help your family by providing healthcare services for your child while they are in school, assisting your child’s physician with their healthcare needs, and providing access to healthcare for those who do not have any health services.

Shortridge High School clinic is staffed with a nurse daily during school hours. The clinic nurse will serve all students. Examples of the types of care the nurse may provide include:
-Taking temperatures and communicating with parents when children are ill
-Giving prescribed medication as authorized

-Diabetic students: test sugars, give insulin as authorized
-Asthmatic students: nebulizer treatments or inhalers as authorized, follow Asthma Action Plan -Students with Seizures: stabilize, protect airway
-Students with specialized medical needs as outlined in their IEP: ostomies, catheterizations, hygiene, dressing changes, tube feedings

Raphael Health Center will also provide a Nurse Practitioner several hours per week. A Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice nurse with a Master’s degree or higher that has been trained to diagnose and treat patients. Consent forms are required to be seen by the Nurse Practitioner. Examples of services provided:

-First aid for acute illness or injury
-Diagnosis and treatment of infections (ear infections, strep throat, pink eye, etc.) -Assistance in chronic care management (asthma, ADHD, seizure disorders, diabetes, etc.) -Assistance in finding a Primary Care Provider
-Immunizations (scheduled)
-Sport and camp physicals
-Referrals to other medical and social services as needed

Services not provided include: Treatment of complex medical or mental health problems; X-rays and hospitalizations, etc.

Our services are not intended to replace your child’s primary care provider. Our intent is to expand access to healthcare by working with families and their health providers to offer quality health care in the school setting, during the school day.

In accordance with Indiana State Law, all families wishing to receive health services from Raphael Health Center’s school-based clinic at Shortridge High School must sign the Consent to Treat form. Also, there is additional information on the Health History form that is required for your student to see the Nurse Practitioner. Any information given will remain confidential as part of your child’s medical record.

This program is provided at no cost to you or your family. Raphael Health Center will bill and collect from Medicaid (Hoosier Healthwise) and other third party health insurance your child may have.

Thank you for your cooperation and allowing us to participate in your child’s health care needs.