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Week Without Walls Packing Lists

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Scholars traveling on the grades 9 -11 trips will leave Tuesday May 29th.  Williamsburg travelers should arrive by 8:00am, all others should be on campus by 9:00 am.  

Williamsburg travlers return about 11:00 pm June 1st,  Dunes travelers arrive about 5:00pm on May 30th, Chicago travlers arrive about 5:00pm June 1st.  These students need to arrange a ride home or bring their Indy Go bus passes.  

Spring Mill travelers will return about 1:00 pm on June 1st.  They can stay on campus and take the 4:00pm bus home or parents can arrange to pick them up by signing them out at the front desk. 

Day Trip Travelers should arrive at school and return home at normal times and by ususal means everyday Tuesday, May 29th – Friday, June 1st.  

We are looking forward to traveling around the city, state and country with your students!


Any quesitons, please contact Lori Armstrong, 317-441-2457 or


Did you loose your packing list? 

Spring Mill Paling List


Williamsburg Packing List


Dunes Packing List


Chicago Packing List