Quarter 1 Report Cards Published

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IB uses a 1-7 final grade, but what does this actually mean?  Please see the grade descriptors  that explains what each grade means in terms of skills and knowledge.  In short, a 2 is limited understanding and corresponds most closely to a D in the US system.   While a 4 indicates foundational understanding which is where we like all students to be at the end of the first semester.  For any report card, all scholars should be making progress towards raising their achievement levels and attaining a level 4 or higher.
Have you read the  Managebac Parent Guide?  Check out this guide for a better understanding how Managebac works.  Can you log into Managebac?  If not, please contact Mr. Gary Wallace (wallag@myips.org) to have your account created.
In the Middle Years Program (MYP) all assessments are designed to build specific skills.  For each subject there are 4 criterion (or skills) and teachers assess a scholar’s mastery of each criterion.  The MYP criteria chart lists all the criteria for each subject.  Each criterion has a maximum value of 8.  For example in English there is criterion a A (analyzing), B (organization), C (producing texts), D (using language).  Each of these criterion is graded from 1-8 (as indicated on your scholar’s report card).
Once a score for each criterion has been determined, the points are then added and applied to a ‘grade boundary’ chart that determines the final grade.   Listed below is the grade boundary for all MYP courses:
Points      Final Grade
1-5                1
6-9                2
10-14            3
15-18            4
19-23            5
24-27            6
28-32            7
If your scholar received the following points per criterion A:3, B:6, C:4, D:4 they would receive a final grade of  4 (17 points).  If you are interested in learning more about each criterion, your scholar has a much longer and descriptive report card on Managebac that is accessible by parents and scholars.  This accessing your report card guide is also very helpful.