2019-2020 News

We are Indianapolis’s first public high school, and we remain committed to serving a student body representative of our great city. Shortridge—originally known as Indianapolis High School—reflects the cultural diversity and history of our city and welcomes all students and families.

We have a singular, visionary mission of educating citizens who think freely, demonstrate intellectual vitality, and address needs and realities greater than themselves. We hope you join us at Shortridge High School: visit our campus, attend a performing arts production, and cheer our student-athletes.

We believe in the principles of leadership, scholarship and service. In a society eager to promote educational excellence and sound values, Shortridge will be a home to both. As participants in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, students may compete in national math or music events, master a foreign language, curate an art exhibition, or perform on stage all while growing skills in international mindedness.

We support all our students to lead remarkable, compassionate, and socially significant lives. Welcome to The Ridge!