Phase 2 – Committee Meetings

During these meetings, which are held in IPS schools, members of the Rebuilding Stronger Reorganization Advisory Committee, will review district data and work in small groups to better understand how the data affects the district, develop solutions.

Full Introductory Meeting: Click HERE to access the meeting questionnaire, videos and other resources. 

Each committee meeting focuses on one of the following  4 key categories affecting the district. During these meetings, committee members dive deeper into the data surrounding these categories:


  • 25% of our buildings are in poor or worse condition, and it would cost roughly $455 million to bring every building to “good” or better. 

Key Question: How should we best use our facilities so every child is in a building that is safe, warm, and welcoming? 

Meeting Date: March 17. 

FACILITIES DATA: Click HERE to access the facilities data and questionnaire, meeting videos and other resources. 

Enrollment and Choice

  • Overall enrollment is increasing throughout our family of IPS schools, but we need to work to drive that same growth across all IPS schools. 

Key Question: How do we ensure every child has access to excellent schools and a variety of programs?

Meeting Date: April 14 from 6 to 6:30 p.m. at  Francis W. Parker School 56, 2353 N. Columbia Ave. (Enter through Door 8). 

ENROLLMENT DATA: Click HERE to access the enrollment data and questionnaire, meeting videos and other resources.

Financial Sustainability

  • We’re taking key steps to invest in students and teachers, while also stabilizing our budget. But we need to make more decisions to ensure we don’t go into the red. 

Key Question: How do we make our budget sustainable for the long-term? 

Meeting Date: April 27 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Northwest Middle School, 5525 W. 34th St. (Enter through Door 10). 

Note: Financial Stability data and meeting materials will be added after the meeting.

Student Experience

  • We know too many of our students are not experiencing strong academic performance and their school experience varies depending on the school they attend. Proficiency gaps are growing for Black, Latino, low-income and English-Language Learner students, and vary by what type of school a student attends. 

Key Question: How do we improve student mobility and build a district that is excellent AND equitable? 

Meeting Date: May 19 at Anna Brochhausen School 88, 5801 E. 16th St. (Enter through Door 8). 

Note: Student Experience data and meeting materials will be added after the meeting.

What is the Reorganization Advisory Committee?

This  committee is made up of parents and students, teachers and school leaders, Board members and other elected officials, community organizations and nonprofits, and the business community. This committee is tasked with reviewing and discussing assessments on facilities, student experience, enrollment and choice, and finances to provide IPS with feedback and recommendations. 

Phase 2 — Community Participation

Although Phase 2 participation is centered around the Rebuilding Stronger committee, meetings are open to the public for in-person attendance. The public can share their thoughts and feedback on the topics discussed during Phase 2 meetings via electronic surveys/questionnaires on the Rebuilding Stronger webpage.