Phase 1, which focused on vision and setting priorities, ended in late October. Since then, the IPS Board of School Commissioners — along with the IPS administration — engaged with the feedback received and created the following tangibles:

  • Guiding Principles — A list of 10 attributes to ensure vision attainment.
  • Commitments to Our Community — A set of commitments aligned to IPS values that will guide future engagement, planning and implementation.
  • Stakeholder Input Report — A collection of the feedback received from stakeholders, including key themes and insights that detail the desired vision from stakeholders.

The four-phase approach includes planning and modeling as well refining and finalizing of a strategy born from the input and feedback from all IPS stakeholders.

The Rebuilding Stronger initiative is designed to reinvent, rebuild, redesign and rethink IPS’ family if schools, how it spends resources, and how to effectively leverage facilities — with the ultimate commitment of ensuring excellent schools for all students in all neighborhoods throughout the IPS district. 

PHASE 1 Guiding Principles & Community Commitments and Stakeholder Input Report

To learn about the initiative, please take a moment to review the following materials:

  • IPS Rebuilding Stronger Guiding Principles & Community Commitments – This document explores potential attributes and guiding principles of a long-range plan to ensure that we reach our goals. 
  • IPS Rebuilding Stronger Stakeholder Input Report – This document is the full overview of the initiative including purpose, engagement opportunities and strategy, key themes and insights, community vision for the future and more.