As IPS and members of the district’s Rebuilding Stronger Advisory Committee continue work on the Rebuilding Stronger Initiative potential solutions, we need your feedback on two specific topics:

  • More Great Schools: Replicate and expand high-demand, higher-performing programs.
  • Grade Reconfiguration: Shift from our current approach (a mix of K-6s, K-8s, and 7-8s) to K-5s and 6-8s.

Rebuilding Stronger Advisory Member Roster
Meet the Rebuilding Stronger Advisory Committee Members

Phase 2 of Indianapolis Public Schools’ Rebuilding Stronger Initiative began February 28, 2022, with the first of several monthly meetings held at IPS schools throughout the district.  During Phase 2 meetings, members of the Rebuilding Stronger Reorganization Advisory Committee are taking a deep dive into district data focused on four categories: Facilities, Enrollment and Choice, Financial Stability and Student Experience.

For a full summary of Phase 2 meetings, topics and meeting materials, click HERE. Previous Phase 1 information can be found here.

  1. The first meeting served as an overview to help committee members understand how they would engage with district data. (For a recap of Meeting 1, click HERE.) 
  2. The second meeting, focused on IPS facilities, including condition and utilization.
  3. The third meeting, focused on IPS enrollment.
  4. The fourth meeting, focused on IPS financial sustainability.
  5. The fifth meeting, focused on IPS student experiences.
  6. The sixth meeting, focused on moving to potential solutions.

What is the Rebuilding Stronger Initiative?

Rebuilding Stronger is designed to reinvent, rebuild, redesign and rethink IPS’ family of schools, how it spends resources, and how to effectively leverage facilities — with a heavy focus on stakeholder engagement. The ultimate commitment is ensuring excellent schools for all students in all neighborhoods throughout the IPS district. 

This four phase, year-long initiative began in September 2021 with IPS Superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson’s State of the District speech, followed by Phase 1 of Rebuilding Stronger which included a series of Community Conversations that resulted in the following tangibles:

  • Guiding Principles: A list of 10 attributes to ensure vision attainment.
  • Commitments to Our Community: A set of commitments aligned to IPS values Non-negotiable.
  • Stakeholder Input Report: A collection of the feedback received from stakeholders, including key themes and insights, details of the desired vision from stakeholders.

4 Phases of Engagement

Indianapolis Public Schools has included four phases of engagement for its Rebuilding Stronger Initiative to ensure that all IPS stakeholders (parents, families, staff, alumni, community partners and others) are engaged throughout the process and have multiple ways and platforms to share their thoughts, suggestions and overall feedback.

Phase 1— Vision and Set Priorities

Let’s dream about what we want and what is possible. We will engage our community to imagine the IPS we want in the future.

Note: This Phase is complete.

Phase 2 — Plan and Model: Let’s Explore How We Make Our Vision Attainable.

We will engage with our community to share and understand the data that informs reorganization.

We will engage with our community to understand potential reorganization strategies.

We will engage with our community to evaluate reorganization strategies and their alignment with the established Guiding Principles.

NOTE: Phase 2 will begin in late February.

Phase 3 — Refine and Finalize: Let’s Finalize the Plan So We Can Get to Work.

We will engage with our community to share and understand the draft reorganization plan.

We will engage with our community to evaluate the plan based on community input and Guiding Principles.

We will engage with our community to refine and finalize the reorganization plan.

Phase 4— Board Takes Action: Let’s Work Together to Make Our Dream and Vision a Reality.

The IPS Board of School Commissioners takes formal action on a finalized plan.

We will engage with our community to implement the reorganization.