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Are you a licensed teacher looking for a new role? IPS educators are making a meaningful difference in their classrooms while earning a good living. Join Team IPS and let’s prove what’s possible.

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Looking for a bridge into teaching? 

IPS offers multiple pathways into a teaching career and we’ll support you along the way. Join Team IPS and let’s prove what’s possible.

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Are you an aspiring or current school leader?

IPS’ Aspiring Leaders and Principal Residency programs offer career development support that also boost student achievement. Join Team IPS and let’s prove what’s possible.

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Our dedicated Talent team is available to help you find a role in IPS that fits with your professional interests and goals. We look forward to talking with you soon.

The largest public school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is an agile, innovative educational organization committed to academic excellence built through individualized, relationship-based learning. We empower our students to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, to embrace diversity, and pursue their dreams with purpose. Plus, IPS is a great place to work. 

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