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About Us

Positive Supports Academy serves as one of the Alternative Options for current IPS 7th through 12th-grade students. Our core values are: Respect Yourself, Embrace the Process, and Be Productive.

Mission of Positive Supports Academy

The mission of the Positive Supports Academy is to develop personal responsibility in students by effectively addressing social, emotional, and behavioral concerns through mental health, and character education services, so the learning process can take place. Students in the Positive Supports Academy program, benefit from instructional strategies that are different from the traditional model and work to mitigate the impact of disruptive students.

Vision of Positive Supports Academy

The vision at Positive Supports Academy is to prepare and educate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills, personal relations skills, and to become active in their learning with respect to our core values of Respect Ourselves, Embrace the Process, and Be Productive.