The Newcomer Program is open to students in Grades 6–9 who are new to the United States within the last year and who have scored a level 1, 2 or 3 on the ACCESS Placement Test. Students in the program learn English and core content at the same time. The program is free to all IPS students.


The Newcomer Program’s mission is to provide newly arrived English language learners with a unique learning experience designed to fit their academic and language development needs. Our program will deliver high‑quality instruction in a supportive environment to help students and families acclimate to their new country. Students will have access to tailored programs that develop social and critical-thinking skills vital to post-secondary success. The ultimate goal is the acquisition of academic language skills in English, as well as the celebration of cultural and multi‑linguistic diversity.


The Newcomer Program envisions newly arrived English language learners engaged in a rigorous and grade‑level instructional program that will foster the acquisition of the English language and essential academic skills while at the same time promoting college and career readiness.

School Motto

One Team, One Mission, Every Student…

Core Values

At Newcomer, we are SHARKS! Every day, students are expected to demonstrate these core values inside and outside of school.

Safe, Hard-Working, Act Responsibly, Respectful, and Kind