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About Us


The mission state at Jonathan Jennings School 109 is to create a safe and caring environment where children are inspired and encouraged to become successful, respectful, literate, and independent citizens.


Jonathan Jennings School 109 challenges our students to surpass goals once thought unobtainable. High expectations are set for all stakeholders who are encouraged to demonstrate the four district values of Excellence, Courage, Scholarship, and Respect in every choice and action made. We believe that success is the only option at 109!

Our Daily Pledge

I pledge today to do my best in reading, math, and all the rest.
I promise to obey the rules, in my class and in my school.

I respect myself and others, too.
I expect the best in all I do.

I’m here today to learn all I can, to try my best, and be all I am.

Jonathan Jennings School 109

Jonathan Jennings is a true neighborhood school serving the Gateway Neighborhood. This close
proximity has contributed to positive relationships among students, families and community

Our building is located on 10 acres which includes an outdoor classroom, a playground built by the Indianapolis Colts, a quarter miles asphalt track, and a Big Green Learning Garden.

We are currently involved with the Roots to Read grant in affiliation with the Herbert Simon Foundation. This grant is being used primarily for additional staff, a remodeled library, and new
books to promote students’ love of reading.

Our strong community partners contribute to our success by donating over $5000 to build students’ home libraries, donations to grow our Robotics team, homework helpines, tutoring, Fitbits for students, and in numerous other ways.