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We are a proud member of the Indianapolis Public Schools community of schools serving grades Pre-K through 5.

Welcome to James A. Garfield School 31, an inspiring place for students to learn and grow in the historic Bates-Hendricks neighborhood. Led by Principal Amanda Faulkner, our mission is to foster an environment of respect, responsibility, and critical thinking, empowering every child to succeed. 

Our focus on outdoor education is manifested in unique features, such as a classroom-maintained learning garden, to engage students in real-world applications, problem-solving, and cross-disciplinary experiences. 

Join us as we cultivate young minds with an exciting blend of traditional learning and innovative technology!


With a dedicated team, strong community partnerships, and innovative programs like 1:1 Technology and Special Education services, we are committed to providing an enriching and supportive environment.

Our strategic focus on STEM, outdoor education, and restorative practices has not only created ample opportunities for success but also connected students with their local environment and community. Join us at 307 Lincoln Street, 46225, or call us at 317.226.4231, as we set the stage for a new era of excellence. Together, we can create a future filled with innovation, empathy, and achievement!