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Mr. Hesser
Science Teacher
Team Leader
Ms. Clark
English Teacher
Mrs. Heimansohn
Project Lead The Way Teacher
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Music Teacher
Mr. Skiles
Math Teacher
Mr. Smith
Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Crone
English Teacher
Mr. Dorsey
Resource Teacher
Mr. Dixon
Mr. Neumann
English Teacher
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Weekly Homework

In 7th grade, homework reading is a valuable part of our English/language arts (ELA) classes. During the first nine weeks, we will read three short books. It is very important that students complete the homework reading when it is due, so that they can fully participate in class. We have provided a list of the novels and a calendar of the reading assignments. In addition, when possible, the ELA Schoology courses will have electronic copies of the books, audio recordings, and other resources to support students while they read at home. Be on the lookout for these books! We appreciate your support in reinforcing the importance of reading at home.