Learn more about our incredible staff by reading about them below!

Mr. Almodovar works as a special education assistant instructor. He primarily works with our students in the ARCHES program. Mr. Almodovar has been a part of the Harshman family for three years. almodovarw@myips.org

Mr. Atkins works as a special education resource and inclusion teacher for Team Purdue. He teaches resource classes and co-teaches math and english. Mr. Atkins has worked at Harshman for six years and been teaching for over 20. atkinss@myips.org

Mr. Crowe has been at Harshman in some capacity for the last six years. For the past three years he has been the Team Purdue math 3 teacher. crowej@myips.org

Ms. Cooper hails from Valdosta, Georgia where she has lived and worked as an English teacher for the last fifteen years. This will be her first year at Harshman. coopern@myips.org

Mr. Dixon works as a school counselor within the student services team. He primarily works with our 7th grade teams Notre Dame and Butler. This will be Mr. Dixons first year with Harshman and 4th year as a school counselor. dixonjourdan@myips.org

Mr. Dorsey is a SPED Inclusion teacher working in a wide variety of classrooms. This is his second year at Harshman and 28th Year in Indianapolis Public Schools. Mr. Dorsey is a retired army officer. dorseyd@myips.org

Mr. Dorsett works as the band director. He primarily teaches instrumental music and will focus on percussion instruction this year. Mr. Dorsett is entering his second year as a part of the Harshman family. dorsettd@myips.org

Ms. Fornuto works at the school’s social worker. She links families to community resources and supports including mental health services. This will be Ms. Fornuto’s second year at Harshman. fornuta@myips.org

Mrs. Fritz works as a Social Studies teacher for Team Purdue. Mrs. Fritz joined Harshman last year after teaching college Geography for ten years and growing a family business to 650 employees for 13 years. fritzc@myips.org

Ms. Gomez works as one of our amazing bilingual assistants. Along with Ms. Ayala, she provides translation services for our families. Ms. Gomez has been an important part of the Harshman family for many years. gomeze@myips.org

Mrs. Heimansohn teaches Project Lead The Way for our 7th grade students. She also coaches Cheerleading and Track. heimansm@myips.org

Ms. Hereth is in her 10th year of teaching math. She taught at Harshman from 2012 to 2014 and returned in January of 2020. She now heads our Algebra program. herethe@myips.org

Mr. Hesser teaches 7th grade science for Team Notre Dame. He coaches our Science Olympiad team as well as Tennis. This will be his fifth year at harshman. hesserj@myips.org

Ms. Rozelle-Hutchins is the Visual Arts Instructor at HMS. She has been teaching in IPS for 12 years and has been at Harshman for 11 of those years. Mrs. Rozelle-Hutchins also enjoys hosting After School Art Club. rozellem@myips.org

Mrs. Lawrence teaches grade 7 ESL (English as a second language) and is part of the Butler Team. This is Mrs. Lawrence’s 7th year teaching at Harshman Middle School. lawrenck@myips.org

Mrs. Linton works as one of our school’s counselors. She primarily works with our 8th graders and is the go-to person for High School enrollment and 21st Century Scholarship. lintonb@myips.org

Ms. Lord teaches science for Team IU. This is her second year teaching at Harshman. She is responsible for heightening the curious minds of our mini scientists. lordr@myips.org

Ms. Moreland is an ESL teacher for Harshman primarily working with Team Notre Dame. This is her first year at Harshman and third year with IPS. morelandwoods@myips.org

Mrs. Murphy is our school Family and Community Involvement Coordinator. She is an incredible important part of our Harshman family and if you are interested in being connected to community resources, please reach out! murphyca@myips.org

Ms. Nelson works as a radiant science teacher with Team Purdue. She enjoys creatively acknowledging the science in our everyday life practices. Ms. Nelson has been apart of the Harshman Family for three years. nelsons@myips.org

Mr. Myrick is a 20+ year veteran teacher. He has taught many subjects but enjoys showing students the value of mathematics as the Team Butler math teacher. myriccf@myips.org

Mr. Neumann teaches English Language Arts for 7th graders on Team Notre Dame. He also coaches the Harshman Boys Soccer team and has been with Harshman for four years now. neumannr@myips.org

Mr. Nolan (Coach Nolan) is one of the P.E. teachers and also serves as the Athletic Director. He has worked at Harshman for six years and is a member of Team Purdue. nolanw@myips.org

Mr. Reese is in his second year at Harshman Middle School as a Special Education Inclusion Teacher. He primarily works with students on Team Butler. reeseb@myips.org

Ms. Schill teaches 8th grade Social Studies for team IU. Always student first, she has taught in IPS for 18 years and here at Harshman for more than a decade. schillj@myips.org

Mr. Skiles is in his second year working at Harshman and his first full year as the Team Notre Dame math teacher. Previously, Mr. Skiles worked at Harshman as a Social Studies student teacher. skilesa@myips.org

Mr. Smith teaches 7th grade Social Studies for Team Notre Dame. Outside of the classroom he is one of the baseball coaches. This is Mr. Smith’s 10th year at Harshman! smithstm@myips.org

Mr. Thomas teaches 8th grade math for Team IU. This will be Mr. Thomas’ first year as a part of our Harshman family. thomasandrew@myips.org

Ms. Thomas is the 7th grade Science teacher for Team Butler. She is very active in our school community as a Volleyball, Girls Basketball, and Cheerleading Coach. Ms. Thomas has worked at Harshman for seven years. thomassn@myips.org

Ms. Torres works to support all of our ELL students. In her day to day she primarily supports Team Purdue students. This will be her second year at Harshman. torresm@myips.org

Mr. Townsend works as a learning resource and inclusion teacher for Team IU. He teaches resource classes and co-teaches math with Mr. Thomas and english with Ms. Christian. Mr. Townsend has worked at Harshman for five years. townsenb@myips.org

Mrs. Townsend works as an English/Language Arts teacher and the Team Leader for Team Purdue. She also enjoys coaching the girls’ basketball team and running Animal CARE Club. Mrs. Townsend is starting her 10th year at Harshman. achesjn@myips.org

Mr. Wallace works as the Social Studies teacher on Team Butler. Outside of the classroom he coaches baseball. Mr. Wallace has been an integral part of our Harshman family since 2012. wallacead@myips.org

Mrs. Wallace is an Instructional Coach who supports teachers and students to make sure the classroom is effective for all! She’s been at Harshman for 10 years as a Special Education teacher, math teacher, and now coach. willisem@myips.org

Ms. Wilcher works as a Media/Technology teacher. This year she will be focusing on Digital Art for Team Notre Dame. Ms. Wilcher has has been a valued member of the Harshman family for six years. wilcherm@myips.org