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Graduation Requirements

Students in Indianapolis Public Schools must complete the state mandated graduation requirements in order to be awarded a high school diploma. In 8th grade, all IPS students will complete a four-year plan where they will work with a school counselor to determine the diploma path that is best for their individual strengths and postsecondary plans. Details on each state approved diploma type as well as the certificate of completion are included below.

Graduation Pathways

Core 40 Requirements

The Core 40 diploma is the required diploma track for all students in Indiana.  Legislation also made Core 40 a minimum college admission requirement for the state’s public four-year universities beginning in the fall of 2011.  

Core 40 with Academic Honors & Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma Requirements

Students can earn the Core 40 with Academic and/or Technical Honors by completing additional requirements including maintaining a “B” grade point average and taking advanced coursework.

General Diploma Requirements

Students must have a formal opt out conference with their parents/guardians and school staff  in order to graduate with a general diploma. At the conference, parents must determine their students could receive a greater benefit from the General Diploma.

Certificate of Completion information

Students who are taken off the diploma path by a case conference committee will pursue a certificate of completion.  Beginning with students who enter high school in 2018-19 (Class of 2022), there is a revised Certificate of Completion Course of Study. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements can be found at:

Early Graduation Requirements

The State of Indiana makes a provision for a student to earn a high school diploma in seven semesters instead of eight, assuming the following steps have been taken: 

  • The student has met all graduation requirements,
  • The student has been accepted and enrolled into a post-secondary educational institution or 
  • The student has an enlistment contract with an educational component into a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Such requests shall be initiated by the student at the beginning of their seventh semester, approved in writing by the parent/guardian and presented to the school counselor to the principal. Students meeting the seven semester graduation requirement may participate in commencement exercises. It is the decision of the Principal to approve or deny this request.