IPS Presents 1

In 2018, Indianapolis Public Schools started the IPS Presents series as a vehicle to have open and honest conversations for families, students, staff and the larger Indianapolis community on topics that matter. It’s a program that facilities real dialogue and real solutions.

Through IPS Presents, the district has:

  • Educated families on the growing issues of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves and their students.
  • Shed light on the stigmas surrounding intellectual disabilities.
  • Hosted a series of Town Hall meetings focused on segregation in IPS schools, the district’s racial history, and how IPS is working to improve outcomes of students by eliminating racial disproportionality and disparity.

Now, in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and subsequent protests around the world, the district is using the IPS Presents program to host a series of conversations about race in Indianapolis, in our schools, and in America.

Let’s Talk Speaking Series

Being an active participant in dismantling racism isn’t a new concept for IPS. Since 2015, the district has been doing this work through the IPS Racial Equity Office led by longtime educator Dr. Patricia Payne and backed by the district superintendent and Board of School Commissioners.

IPS Presents 3
Message from Aleesia Johnson
IPS Presents 5