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IPS Foundation

IPS Foundation

The Indianapolis Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) has been supporting the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) district since May 1984.

IPSF strives to be a strong partner, collaborator and champion by increasing resources that specifically support teachers, schools and administrators in the district.

While IPS has sought to direct more resources to schools and classrooms, the district has seen funding from federal, state and local sources decrease. IPSF partners with IPS to provide philanthropic capital to close these gaps and to fulfill the district’s mission.

As a mission-driven development organization, IPSF brings fundraising expertise and capacity, thus allowing IPS administrators to focus on their core business — leadership in support of excellent teaching and learning.

How Does IPSF Support IPS?

IPSF utilizes three primary pathways of partnership with the district. This includes:

  • Micro Grant Program: IPS teachers, school leaders and central services staff apply to IPSF for micro grants to support various projects including special programs, supplies, uniforms, field trips and other unique opportunities. IPSF’s Grants Committee reviews these applications on a rolling basis.
  • Districtwide events and programs: IPSF secures sponsorships and in-kind contributions supporting events to recognize and celebrate district students, teachers and school leaders.
    • Interested in sponsoring an event with IPS? Contact Kelly Karbowicz Riley, IPSF director of development, at
  • Districtwide grants: IPSF partners with IPS leadership, the subject matter experts, to develop proposals for major gifts, administer awarded grant funding and steward partnerships with granting organizations to support district priorities.