We receive a large number of requests to distribute information to the students and staff of Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). In accordance with IPS Resolution No. 7235, the schools may cooperate with various community organizations and groups in bringing to the attention of students and parents programs that are beneficial to students.

Organizations wishing to reach out to IPS students and staff through flyer or signage distribution are asked to submit both an English and Spanish translation of the materials in either Word or PDF format to ipsservicecenter@myips.org. You can also mail your materials to: IPS Service Center, John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, 120 E. Walnut St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. Please allow three business days for us to respond to your request.

If approved, an “Approval for Distribution” form, signed by an IPS designee, will be returned to you. This form will also contain your organization’s name and contact information, as well as the date range in which the flyers or signage can be distributed. Before accepting any communications for distribution, the principal or his/her designee must be shown this form before accepting the materials. If the materials are mailed to the school, each packet must contain a signed copy of the Approval for Distribution form.

If for some reason your request is denied, your organization will receive an email or telephone call from us stating the reason.