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About IPS Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

The myIPS FACE team is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining healthy working relationships with parents, families, community members and education stakeholders.

Indianapolis Public Schools values parents as partners in preparing our students to know and pursue their “E”. At IPS, we want students select at least one of the following:

  • enrolled in a college or university
  • enlisted in the military
  • employed at a livable wage upon on-time graduation

By partnering with families, educators, local businesses, faith-based organizations, community organizations, elected officials, and other stakeholders, myIPS FACE is committed to strengthening the connections between our schools and our communities.

Engagement Areas Served & Team Members

Ashley Scott

Director of Family & Community


Jose Juarez

Family & Community Engagement Manager

Dena Durish

Family & Community Engagement Manager

Partnership Opportunities

Indianapolis Public Schools is dedicated to strengthening relationships not only with current and future families, but with education advocates, community members and other stakeholders throughout our community. We encourage the constructive participation of corporate partners, groups and individuals in our schools and offer a variety of ways to get involved.

Those with specific questions can contact us at face@myips.org.