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Welcome Students & Parents!

Welcome from our Administration Team!

We greatly appreciate the strong partnerships we have with our parents and families! We use our website to share important information with our current families, including school event calendars, forms, procedures, etc.

Message from our Staff

We want to welcome you to IPS George Washington Carver Montessori School 87. The information presented on our website will prove useful over the course of the school year. Please read and review this information, as they both impact parents and students. Our school is a top-performing PK-8th grade school within IPS, our city, the state, and nation. This could not be done without you. As we continue this tradition of excellence, let us never lose sight of our guiding premise, “Children come first.”

Additionally, there are several other ways that you can find answers to your questions:

  1. Start by looking at our handbook, which is full of important information.
  2. Check out the other pages on our website.
  3. Call or email our school’s parent liaison, Andrea Torres (, or (317) 226-4287

How Can I Help My Child Be Successful in School

Listed below are 8 ways you can help your child be successful in school.

  1. Read EVERYDAY! You can read to your child or have your child read to you…either way…READ!
  2. Create a consistent after-school routine. Help your child study and complete their homework.
  3. Be POSITIVE! Always speak positively about school, learning, and your child’s teacher.
  4. Encourage! Give your child the opportunity to excel in all areas of their academics.
  5. Be sure that your child is getting plenty of rest each night and is ready for school each day.
  6. Teach your child to be responsible for their actions and to take pride in all they do!
  7. Stay INVOLVED! Make it a point to ask your child about their day.
  8. Communicate…Please know you can contact me with any questions or concerns.