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Upper Elementary

The Montessori Upper Elementary environment includes grades 4 & 5. GWC has three Upper Elementary rooms, each with a Montessori certified lead teacher and an instructional assistant. The teacher-student ratio in the Upper Elementary classrooms is 2:26; this allows teachers the opportunity to provide individualized attention and small group instruction.

The Upper Elementary classroom is:

  • Mrs. Bujarsky – Room 204
  • Mrs. Gora – Room 205
  • Mrs. Baker – Room 206

Developmental Notes: 4th & 5th Grades

The Upper Elementary Classroom is an extension of the students’ world. As such, the emotional aspects of the elementary students play an important role in their development. We help the students understand how to work, fit in and be a part of a community in a positive and productive way. At this level, we do not shy away from difficulties or issues; instead, we work through them in a healthy manner.

The classroom is very calm and productive, but at times also lively and exciting, as collaborative activities take place. Emphasis is placed on this classroom as the students’ community—therefore, they must play an integral role in how it should be experienced.

Our Upper Elementary Classroom

The look and feel of an Upper Elementary Montessori classroom is designed to encourage a positive learning environment and to foster independence.

Our classroom environment includes:

  • Plants, animals, natural light, and beautiful materials that the students are responsible for taking care of
  • “Works” that are arranged to create independence
  • Work Plans to help keep children challenged
  • Organization skills building

Students create ownership and shared responsibilities of their environment. They also understand how to complete work and have the confidence to ask for help from a peer or a teacher if needed.

Within this environment, our job as teachers is to foster a love of learning. We also provide the space and materials that enable students to explore topics and concepts at a deeper level.