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Montessori Middle School

The Montessori Middle School environment includes grades 6, 7 & 8. Our school has three Middle School classrooms. The teacher-student ratio in the Middle School classrooms is 1:28; this allows teachers the opportunity to provide individualized attention and small group instruction. There are also two instructional assistants for the three classrooms.

The Upper Elementary classroom is:

  • Ms. Cooper – Room 201
  • Mr. Gorski – Room 202
  • Ms. Western – Room 203


The Montessori Middle School program started in the late 1990s. The families who had students in the elementary program were pleased with the program at the elementary level, so they asked the school district to add the middle school component to the Montessori Option Program.

Our Program

At Carver Montessori Middle School, students build upon their foundation from their elementary experience. Montessori middle school can be immensely successful and highly beneficial to students. It is a core group of students who stay together throughout critical years of development. It is an educational program in which students can continue to excel academically, engage in meaningful work, and acquire leadership skills. The Montessori middle school also provides a supportive teaching and learning environment.


The middle school curriculum integrates the Montessori philosophy and Indiana Academic standards. We offer opportunities for learning through research which encourages in-depth exploration of individual interests. This also allows for longer periods of learning within the environment. There is an emphasis on collaborative problem-based projects that help students work together with peers and gain leadership experience. They also design and develop research project-based studies in many subject areas.

In eighth grade, students have an opportunity to take the Algebra I course which is a freshman level class. At the end of the year, students in this course take the Core 40 high school exam in Algebra I. Upon passing, students receive the high school credit for that course. They can go on to take Algebra II or Geometry in their first year of high school.

Benefits of Montessori Middle School

  • Individualized instruction within the classroom
  • Provides a supportive teaching and learning environment
  • Integration of technology
  • Safe learning environment and community
  • Development of leadership
  • Role models for younger students
  • Experimental learning
  • Development of critical thinking and creativity
  • Development of becoming a more independent learner
  • Successfully prepares students for high school and beyond