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Lower Elementary

The Montessori Lower Elementary environment includes grades 1,2, & 3. Our school has six Lower Elementary classrooms, each with a Montessori certified lead teach and an instructional assistant. The teacher-student ratio in the Lower Elementary classrooms is 2:26; this allows teachers the opportunity to provide individualized attention and small group instruction.

The Lower Elementary classrooms are:

  • Ms. Battiato – Room 3
  • Ms. Talcott – Room 1
  • Mrs. Albright – Room 2
  • Ms. Cornacchione – Room 104
  • Mrs. Green – Room 105
  • Mrs. Penrod – Room 51

Developmental Notes: 1st to 3rd Grade

Children during 1st to 3rd grade are actively social and begin to demonstrate an ability to think abstractly. Montessori education, at the lower elementary level, is designed to spark the imagination and to address the child’s need to interact with others.

Children are encouraged to learn both in cooperation with each other and independently. A multi-age group, 6-9 years of age, provides a community of support.

Our Lower Elementary Classrooms

Classrooms at GWC are bright and inviting spaces. They are filled with Montessori Materials. The Montessori Materials provided in each classroom are tools that stimulate the child into logical thought and discovery.

The Lower Elementary classrooms feature:

  • Plants, animals, natural light, and beautiful materials.
  • Children have jobs and feel a sense of ownership within their environment.
  • Children learn about making plans and setting priorities in their work through the use of work plans
  • Students are self-motivated and enjoy the discovery and interactions that Montessori works provide.