George Julian Elementary School staff is committed to providing an educational environment in which all students learn, and one that fosters a love and excitement for learning in our ever-changing world.

The warm and neighborly atmosphere is apparent from the moment one walks into George Julian. Our office staff is sure to welcome you and assist in any way they can. Throughout the building, parents, staff, and students work together forming a harmonious community.


The mission of George Julian Elementary School is to be a racially and culturally diverse community of students, parents and staff, dedicated to creating a peaceful environment where each person is treated with respect. Within such an environment, each student, K-8, will be empowered and inspired to reach his or her full academic, emotional and physical potential.


George Julian will offer a 21st Century Education where creativity enhances academic achievement and fosters unique learning experiences. Our school will be led by dedicated, professional staff whose emphasis is on instilling positive character traits while encouraging life-long learning for all students.