Parents who are new to Montessori and Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56 often wonder how a Montessori education will impact their child’s educational future. How do students do when they leave School 56? Do they transition well to more “traditional” schools?

Most students find that their Montessori education serves them well wherever they go because of the emphasis placed on learning independently, working well and cooperatively with others and developing a love for the process of learning.

There is no shortage of examples of successful and famous people who have attended Montessori schools. A short list:

  • Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, who co-founded the Montessori Education Association in 1913 and provided support for Dr. Maria Montessori to establish one of the first Montessori classes in the United States
  • Joshua Bell, celebrated American violinist and IU graduate Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon
  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google
  • Julia Child, the late television chef and cookbook author
  • George Clooney, Academy Award-winning actor Anne Frank, writer
  • Sean Combs, Grammy-winning rapper Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
  • Helen Hunt, Academy Award-winning actress
  • Will Wright, designer of the Sims
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin cofounders of Google

Of course, not every Montessori student grows up to be famous, and there’s certainly no guarantee that your child will become a founder of a billion-dollar company like Amazon. But every parent considering a Montessori education should feel excited that their child has the opportunity to learn in an environment that has been “tested” by so many high-achieving and creative individuals.

At School 56, your child will follow in the footsteps of many successful students. You can feel confident about your decision to choose Montessori.